My name is Miguel Galve and I was born in Zaragoza 27 years ago. My main degree is on Business Administration and Management, specialised in Marketing and Sales Management. I’m a self-taught Internet business and ecommerce learner. I started to acquire all my knowledge when I was still studying at the Universidad de Zaragoza in 2006. Also, it is the place where I started teaching my first courses to other classmates through the Asociación Grupo DIEZ (IT Business Development of Zaragoza). As I was acquiring more experience day by day, I decided to show other companies everything I had learned. I called this idea Pymemarketing, which would become an online marketing, advertising, public relations and event planning agency in 2009.

Almost at the same time I launched the website in 2007 and all the effort invested was starting to produce results, I received an interesting job offer to work with Ramón Añaños, one of the best Internet marketing experts in Spain. I obviously couldn’t reject this offer and I joined his company Factor_id. For one and a half years I had the pleasure to work as a marketing consultant hand-to-hand with Ramón Añaños in the Technological Projects Management, the development of Marketing Strategies and in the start for important businesses for companies and public institutions in Aragón (Spain).

As a result of my passion for communication, I started to build a marketing blog during this time. Little by little, through good contents and many hours of work, it became one of the most followed blogs by online marketing and advertising professionals, obtaining 900 daily visits and thousands of subscribers to the RSS.

Thanks to all the ideas I had undertaken, Ricardo Buil, Chief Executive, contacted me in Novemeber 2008. We started to talk and some days later I decided to join his company in charge of the Internet and Marketing Strategy of, which has been 10 years in the market and is one of the most important Online Travel Agencies in Spain. Established in Aínsa (Huesca) and offices set in Zaragoza, manages hotel bookings for clients all over the world. They are attracted by the fair prices, the excellent customer service, the easy and intuitive navigation, the payment facilities, the thousands of previous clients’ comments, and the easy hotel selection for travellers to choose among more than 70,000 available hotels.

In 2009, my first year at, immersed in an economic crisis environment, we managed to maintain billing on €15 million.  But all the work done until then finally meant achieving the desired sales take-off for the company in 2010. Indeed it was, because it dramatically beat sales records month after month to €24.4 millions. 2011 was even better, as we kept massively growing in billing to € 34.4 millions in sales

Facturación de Central de durante mi etapa en la empresa

Turnover of on my stage at the company in charge of Internet marketing.

I worked at for 3 years and several months, where I learned a lot and enjoyed the experience of managing exciting projects in an Internet company with a great potential in the Tourism industry. However, after some discrepancies in organisational changes made by the Chief, I decided to follow my own way and I got again the handle of my company with a 100% devotion.

Now I work freelance in my company Pymemarketing. Publicidad y Comercio Electrónico S.L.U (which I finally established in 2009) oriented to provide professional services in Internet Marketing for other companies. At the same time, I use it as my greenhouse to grow and produce my own projects on the Internet that generate income through advertising or ecommerce. Some examples are the online store for christmas hampers or the event for online marketing professionals. Also, I sometimes collaborate on talks for marketing courses or conferences at the Universidad de Zaragoza and in lectures in masters’ as the MeBA (Masters in Management and Administration of an Online Business).

In 2014, I reoriented Pymemarketing as an agency specialized in providing Internet marketing services. You can hire me now through my webpage

Now we’re a team working in Pymemarketing. Publicidad y Comercio Electrónico S.L.U. My goals are improving my professional skills every day; continue growing the company and participating in the board of directors of consolidated companies. Or investing as an industrial partner or shareholder, to some extent, in the launch of new entrepreneurial projects in the Internet sector. These must be interesting and viable businesses or markets that count with a committed and proficient team. Consequently, my experience may bring them knowledge or investment, in exchange for a share in their company. Are you interested?