What is to me an Online Marketing Consultant?

An  Online Marketing Consultant  is someone with a higher education, with a bachelor in Business Sciences or in Business Management and Administration, Economics, Marketing and Marketing Research or Advertising and Public Relations who also has a deep knowledge of how the Internet works. Due to the acquired experience in developing businesses online or working on web projects for other companies.

What can, in my opinion, an online marketing consultant bring to a company or public institution?

A good  Online Marketing Consultant can bring as much value to your company as hiring a highly vocational, specialised Internet marketing director. On the one hand, having a consultant will save your time, which you were spending on marketing activities for your business, advertising and communication; on the other hand, having a specialist to entrust your project to.

The task of a marketing consultant is oriented to obtain certain advantages, which mainly are: making your company earn more money, managing its commercial activity or products known and improving the current projected image of your company in the market. But, always transmitting the most appropriate message to its employees, clients, shareholders, public administrations, media…at all times and according to its competitors’ strategies.

Which tasks is the online marketing consultant entitled to in a company?

An  Online Marketing Consultant with experience and a regulated education in Business Management and Administration, in fact, can help you manage any area of your business. However, the consultant will rather be hired to complete the tasks that he is certain to complete successfully.

So, you can count on this kind of Consultant for marketing actions like marketing plans, market research and analysis, relationship marketing, corporate identity and advertising, public relations and event planning.

But specially, for all the issues related to Internet which, until then, you didn’t know how to start or you needed professional help to reposition them. Some of these issues are as important as online advertising (Google Adwords, display, affiliation…), email marketing, SEO, web design, ecommerce, statistics, online reputation management, mobile marketing, blogs, hosting, domain registration…or basically managing web projects.

How does an online marketing consultant work?

An  Online Marketing Consultant usually works per hours or projects with specific objectives fixed between the Consultant and the Client.

The Consultant can work as an employee in a Consultancy or may work as self-employed and then become its own company. Either working as self-employed or in a marketing, advertising and Internet company, a good consultant usually counts on a useful list of contacts specialised in and working at the sector. This is in order to obtain other resources from competent people at a lower price than it would mean to a company or public institution if they threw themselves at their own risk to the market.

How much does an Online Marketing Consultant ask for?

It varies from hours to projects, but usually a consultant earns more money as a company employee, because he uses all his experience to start the actions that he knows are going to enrich and bring value to your business.

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